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Stove Top

Stove Top pots such as the Moka pot date back to 1933.  These are a great way to brew a continental-feel coffee, but this shouldn’t be confused with an espresso as there are few similarities. The method works by water moving upwards when reaching a near-boiling point through a bed of coffee (almost a reverse espresso) and into a top chamber. Stove Top brewing can produce a coffee with a real punch, but you won’t get the same pale foam head or crema as with an espresso machine.

Choose from the range of coffees below that we recommend for this brew method.

Brewing Tips:

  • Don’t let the coffee boil – remove from the heat just before the chamber is full

  • Don’t grind too fine – think coarse sand

  • Don’t fill with water above the pressure valve

Autumn Seasonal Espresso Blend

50% - El Salvador - San Ernesto Molten Candy / 30% - Brazil - Daterra Sweet Collection / 20% Sumatra - Mandheling Ari...




A smooth and soft coffee, with low acidity and medium body.

Colombia High Roast

Our highest roasted coffee, giving a strong, deep flavour with a bittersweet taste.

Espresso Blend

Specially blended and roasted to produce the classic espresso. Full, deep body, smooth subtle acidity with chocolate ...

Guatemala Coban

A single origin Arabica bean, providing a round body with medium acidity. Flavours of sweet chocolate, a hint of frui...

Italian Blend

Italian Blend


A blend of Arabica beans, high-roasted to give a rich full-bodied result. Ideal for after-dinner drinking.