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Green Teas

Green Teas can also be described as ‘unoxidised’ as no chemical changes occurs during processing.  Methods differ from country to country. There is a short period of withering, then steaming or pan-firing to extract enzymes from the leaves.  Some leaves such as Gunpowder are hand-rolled or as eyebrow and spiral shapes. The leaves are then dried in wok-like pans over heat to arrest oxidation.

For more information on tea processing, see the Tea Guide section.

Choose from our range of Green Teas below.

Cherry Green

Cherry Green


Chinese Green Gunpowder tea scented with cherry. A tasty and refreshing brew that also works well as a summer iced tea.

Dragon Pheonix Pearl Jasmine

Hand-rolled pearls of tippy, green tea, scented with jasmine flowers. Produces a rich, mellow brew with a sweet jasmi...

Green Gunpowder

A green China tea rolled into pellets that unravel when brewed. This tea produces crisp and fresh golden liquor with ...

Green Sencha

Green Sencha


The classic green tea from Japan. With an intense grassy flavour, sweetness and mild astringency, this tea produces a...

Jasmine Green Tea

A delicate green tea, to which jasmine blossoms are added to infuse the tea with the distinctive flavour of jasmine.

Lung Ching Dragonwell

One of the most famous green teas from China. Combining grassy freshness and a sweet, smooth taste with complex overt...

Peppermint Green

Chinese Green Gunpowder tea scented with peppermint. A tasty and refreshing brew with an intense menthol flavour, thi...