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Fruit & Herbal Teas

Not strictly a tea as they do not derive from the tea plant (Camelia sinensis). Usually known as infusion or tisane, these beverages do not contain caffeine and are simply dried pieces of natural plants. Fruit and herbals teas can be served hot (though usually not with boiling water so as to avoid scorching the leaf) or cold, especially for refreshing summer drinks.

Choose from our range of Fruit & Herbal Teas below.

Apple and Lemon

A traditional tisane that combines the taste of Kentish apples and the refreshing citrus tang of fresh lemons.

Berry Cocktail

With the flavour of ripe red berries, this medium-bodied tisane can be enjoyed hot, or over ice.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange


A deep, vibrant ruby red tisane giving a naturally sweet and tangy flavour. Caffeine-free.

Camomile Flowers

Using whole flower heads, this tisane produces a soothing and calming drink, with a fresh, cleansing flavour. Caffein...

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena


The leaves of the lemon verbena plant produce a drink with a light buttery taste, complemented by a delightful lemon ...

Passionfruit and Orange

A lively red tisane packed with zingy tropical flavours. Caffeine-free.

Pink Rose Buds

Pink Rose Buds


These hand-picked whole rosebuds produce an intensely fragrant and light liquor with a perfumed aftertaste. Caffeine-...

Strawberry and Kiwi

An intensely tangy bright red tisane. Serve hot, or wonderfully refreshing as a cold summer drink. Caffeine-free.